Safe space

You will be offered a safe, confidential space to unpack and explore your challenges. We will listen and respond so that you feel understood, attuning to your needs. We will work at a pace that suits you, and build a relationship with you that works on your behalf.

Unique to you

You will be treated as bringing a unique set of circumstances, and offered support that is flexible and relevant to your needs: this could be short-term and focused on specific outcomes or longer-term and more exploratory. This will help you gain new perspectives and resources to manage the difficulties.


We will explore your relationships, to help uncover patterns of behaviour, thoughts and feelings that may be contributing to your difficulties.


If relevant, we will look at your environment (home, work or elsewhere) and make sense of what impact it may be having on you. Social, cultural and historical issues that are of importance to you will be given due consideration, to help you understand your context and its relevance to your needs.