We have many years of experience of working with children and families, with expertise across the age ranges from early years to the challenges of teenagehood. We are able to support you with a range of issues, including:

Every Child and Family is Unique

We treat all children and families as unique individuals and groups with their own culture, history and set of circumstances. We will help you make sense of the complex factors that influence ways of relating in the family and the roles that different family members take on. We will help you understand the different environments that affect children, including school, friendships and social media, and we will enable children to develop the resilience and strength they need to face their challenges.

Ways of Working

We will ensure you find the most useful way of working with us, as we can work in a variety of ways, such as: working with the whole family or sub-groups within the family; engaging with the relevant systems around the child (such as their school);  individual therapy for children. Therapy could be talking-based, but we also offer therapy using the arts or play therapy.